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There are lots of tools that make it easy to have a website of your own. There are companies out there that have plenty of pre-built site templates. To use these, you don't need any skills beyond being able to type in your data and select among the various choices (layouts, color schemes, etc.). But finding the right web hosting company is not so simple. There's no shortage of web hosting services on the internet, and more appear all the time. How do you know which host is best for you?

You have to look beyond the search engines or the hosting companies' own ads. We've identified some of the most important factors to consider when it's time to choose a web hosting service.

You should check out quite a few different web hosts before making your selection. Once you start looking around, you'll see how many choices you have in this area. You not only have to choose a company, but also the right hosting package for your business. Do your research on each company using a variety of sources -not only the companies' own sites but also independent opinions. You can never learn too much about the companies to which you might want to pay money. See what actual customers of the web hosting company have to say. If you make the right choice, you can then relax and not have to give much thought to your web host.

Do some checking into the record and reputation of a web hosting company before signing up with them. You can do a search for the company and find any positive or negative reviews people have written about them. See if they list their offline location, or if their entire identity is online (not a good sign). Any business run through a post office box and without a brick and mortar location is one that you should avoid. Even if a company is new or small, if it's legitimate it will have a listing with a local government body. You certainly wouldn't want a fly by night company being in possession of all of your private info.

You need to consider how reliable the web host is that you choose. Having very little to no downtime is essential, especially if you want your website to be found by others. If your site goes down for just a little bit, and you have a small blog, everything will be fine. If you have a large site, and your website goes down for even a small amount of time, you would be losing quite a bit of cash. So, a website that has more uptime is the one you want to choose. By calling customer service, were talking to a friend that uses the web host, you will be able to get the feedback you are looking for.

Some people pick web hosting companies without giving the matter much thought. The truth is that the decision you make should not be made lightly. Make sure you consider every aspect of your business and website before signing up for hosting. We've covered some of the most important qualities to look for in a web host. Take your time and choose your web hosting provider with care.

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